Career Transition
After Divorce

Coaching for career transition as a result of Divorce

It is not unusual for one or both partners in a marriage to compromise his or her career for the sake of the marriage, or to raise children. Part of the "re-building" after divorce often includes changing careers. Sometimes it involves getting back into the work-force after being away to raise children. Sometimes it involves stepping into the work-force for the very first time. Regardless of your reason, career transition is overwhelming. How do you start, especially when you may not even know what you want to do? I can help.

As a certified YouMap® facilitator, I offer an insightful YouMap®  assessment that will provide you clarity and direction. You will find a deeper understanding of yourself that is more than you ever thought possible. Once you are equipped with this empowering self-knowledge, I help you take it to the next level by creating an action plan! We will focus on how you are uniquely wired, why it matters, and how you can leverage your strengths and natural talents in the workforce. I will coach you to develop your own unique contribution statement that will grab the attention of potential employers to take notice! No matter your circumstances, I can help you transition into a satisfying career. 

Coaching sessions are by telephone or virtual conferencing and are tailored to your specific situation. Get started by scheduling an initial 45-Minute Introductory Discovery Session for $60.

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