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I first experienced family divorce court as a legal intern in 1994. For the two decades that followed, I immersed myself as a family law attorney and as an advocate for children in divorce (called guardian ad litem). Every husband, wife, and child who experienced divorce was affected by it in some way, shape or form.

As a legal advocate, it affected me too. I not only represented my clients in the legal process, I experienced it with them. Their hesitation to trust me, as their lawyer, to represent them in a process they knew nothing about. Their fear of starting over. The financial strain upon a now single income household. The cost of going through divorce – including the hourly rate they paid me. Their gut-wrenching decisions made for their children. Their frustration of not understanding court paperwork and processes. Their stress when seeing their ex-spouse at the court and not knowing how to handle it. Their divorce being finalized and the “now what?” that followed.

Those experiences led me to become a Divorce Coach. While I am still a licensed attorney in the State of Ohio, I do not provide legal advice through my coaching. I partner with those going through divorce to help them understand the process and navigate the tough decisions. My coaching services are not meant as legal advice. If you are in need of Legal Coaching or Legal Services in Ohio, I might be able to help. More information can be found at

Divorce Coaching involves taking the time to understand and explore the options presented by divorce. By working through options and gaining a better understanding of the process, my clients are prepared when they meet with their attorneys. They explore the different types of parenting schedules and plans for their children. They are confident when they have tough discussions with their ex, because they are prepared. They are empowered with knowledge.

I am a professionally trained coach and member of the International Coach Federation. I have over 22 years of combined experience as a divorce attorney, guardian ad litem, & coach. I am a wife and stepmother. My professional and personal experiences uniquely qualify me as a divorce coaching authority.

No matter your situation, I am here to help. Partnering with me as your coach can help you navigate through the emotional roller-coaster of divorce and remain centered and focused in making crucial decisions that are often difficult and frustrating. I will support you and lift you when you struggle. I will celebrate your joys. Contacting me is the first step in honoring yourself during one of the most (if not the) most difficult times of your life.


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